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Everything You Need to Know About Yas Waterworld

by Abu Dhabi Travel Planner

Described as the region’s leading waterpark, Yas Waterworld is the perfect place to cool down and chill out on those scorching Abu Dhabi days.

Located on Yas Island, the site is home to a variety of exciting slides, rides and other exhilarating attractions, including a large wave pool and the region’s only water cinema. It really is a great day out for all the family and one of the best things to do in Abu Dhabi.

What Can I Find at Yas Waterworld?

Yas Waterworld covers an area of 37 acres and boasts over 40 rides and attractions, split into eight zones as seen in the map below.

Map of attrtactions at Yas Waterworld
Image Courtesy Yas Waterworld © Miral Experiences LLC

The waterpark’s theme is based on a story about a young girl called Dana who goes on the hunt for a mysterious giant pearl. The pearl had once sat at the heart of her village and was said to bring good fortune to the people.

One night there was a great storm, and the pearl vanished. From that point, the fortunes of the town dwindled. Dana began a quest to set things right and bring back prosperity to her people. Join Dana in her adventure as you travel through the park.

Whether you’re a thrill seeker or just want to splash around with your little one, here is what you can expect to find at Yas Waterworld!

Rides and Slides at Yas Waterworld for Thrill Seekers

These are some of the bigger rides and attractions on offer at Yas Waterworld:

  • Dawwama – Feel the rush on the world’s largest six-person tornado water coaster.
  • The Liwa Loop – Boost your adrenaline on a free fall drop water slide.
  • Sebag – Feel the speed on the six-lane racer slide.
  • Falcon’s Falaj – Follow the adventure on the world’s longest six-seater water coaster.
  • Slithers Slide – Experience six twisty enclosed snake slides.
  • Rush Rider – Take on endless waves at this surfing and bodyboarding experience.
  • Hamlool’s Humps – Turn yourself upside down on this very high and fast set of slides!
  • Jebel Drop – let yourself go on the region’s tallest speed slide.
Dawwama Family Ride at Yas Waterworld
Falcon's Falaj family ride at Yas Waterworld
Falcon’s Falaj

Gentler Rides and Experiences at Yas Waterworld

  • Amwaj – Grab a rubber ring and enjoy the region’s largest wave pool.
  • Al Raha River – Relax on your inflatable as you float along 300m of lazy river with waterfalls, rain showers and caves.
  • Yadi Yas – Experience the rapids on a lazy river with more intense waves, as well as rain showers and water jets.
  • Cinesplash – Enjoy a 5D cinema experience that tells the story of Dana and her search for the lost pearl and includes lots of surprises!
  • Bandit Bomber – Glide over the waterpark and get a bird’s eye view on this family roller coaster.
Gentle floating on the lazy river at Yas Waterworld
Al Raha River

Ride Height Restrictions at Yas Waterworld

Most of the ‘adult’ rides have height restrictions. These vary depending on the ride but are generally 1.1 or 1.2m.

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Children over 1m are allowed to ride on the Bandit Bomber. The Wave Pool and Lazy River are open to everyone, regardless of their age and height.

What is There for Young Children at Yas Waterworld?

The waterpark is split into zones with specific areas for babies, toddlers and very young children. The baby zone includes a shallow pool with a small slide and swings, as well as fountain spouts around the edge of the pool. There is also a smaller bubble pool for babies.

In the same area as the baby zone, but fenced off from it, is a larger pool with a variety of gentle slides suitable for younger children. There are also fountains and bucket installations, as well as a kindergarten-friendly elevation opposite. This area is well-shaded, with large sails fixed above each of the pools.

The bucket feature at the Al Marah Fortress

In the next zone, there is a huge elevation known as the Marah Fortress with multiple slides, rope bridges and gigantic buckets suitable for children in roughly the 7-11 age range. Adults are not permitted on the slides at the Marah Fortress but can accompany smaller children onto the structure itself.

Other Facilities at Yas Waterworld

Toilets, Showers, Changing Rooms and Lockers

There are toilets located throughout the site with the main showers and changing rooms located in the main building or ‘souk area’ at the entrance of the site. Within the changing rooms there are lockers and towels can be purchased or hired just outside. There are also prayer rooms available.

Outdoor showers and drying machines can also be found spaced throughout the park.

Food and Beverage Outlets

There are a variety of food and beverage outlets throughout the site. Here is a breakdown of what you can expect to find at each:

  • Dana’s Diner serves up everything from Burgers to Arabian Mixed Grills
  • Chubby’s Kitchen provides a variety of Asian dishes as well as burgers, pizzas and salads.
  • Skinny’s Frozen Treats, located by the baby pool, serves ice creams, lollies and cold drinks.
  • Salma’s Snack Shack, located between the baby and toddler area and the Marah Fortress, serves freshly cut fruits, slushies and smoothies.
  • Galwat Nasser serves up Arabic coffee, camel-milk chocolates and dates.
  • Smaller shacks around the park also sell a variety of drinks and ice-creams.

Retail Outlets

  • Sultan and Sons – A large shop in the main waterpark building which sells swimming costumes, water shoes, flip-flops and goggles, as well as many other water park essentials. Swim nappies are also available to purchase here.
  • Qaryat Al Jewana – A souk-like space in the Waterpark’s main entrance. Here you can buy a variety of waterpark memorabilia as well as pick up photos at the end of your trip.
  • Tawasha Pearl Shop – Here, you can buy real oysters and customise your own pearl jewellery.

Cabanas and Poolside Seating

There is ample seating throughout the park, with sun loungers positioned around the major pool areas. Private cabanas are also available for 4 or 6 guests. Prices start at 349 AED.

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Underwater VR Experiences

Have you ever fancied diving down to a lost city or travelling down a waterfall? There are a variety of underwater VR Experiences on offer at Yas Waterworld, with prices ranging from 75 AED for individuals to AED 225 for groups.

Underwater VR experiences at Yas Waterworld
Underwater VR Experiences

How Can I Get to Yas Waterworld?

There are free shuttle buses operating between the hotels on Yas Island and the theme parks. There are also free shuttle buses from downtown Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

For more details on the Yas shuttle services, click here.

With your own car, there’s ample parking on Yas Island immediately outside the water park, just use Google Maps.

If you are visiting Yas Waterworld on a day trip from Dubai, we have a super comprehensive Dubai to Yas Island guide here.

How Much are Tickets for Yas Waterworld?

  • A single-day ticket costs AED 270 for adults and AED 220 for children over the age of 3 and taller than 1.1m (as of January 2023).
  • Children under the age of 3 or shorter than 1.1m enter for free.
  • Purchasing at the gate will cost you a little more, AED 295 for adults

Can You Get Discounted Tickets to Yas Waterworld

It’s hard these days to find anything like 2-4-1 passes for Yas Waterworld; however, a few places you could check:

  • Yas Waterworld is included in the Go City Dubai Explorer Pass, which includes the Yas Theme Parks; you can combine this with several Dubai and Abu Dhabi attractions and save.

If you live in Abu Dhabi, the Yas Theme Parks annual pass can represent excellent value for families. Look out for special offers that frequently come up over Ramadan and Eid.

Slithering Sliders At Yas Waterworld

What are the Yas Waterworld Opening Hours?

Opening hours are subject to change, but from February 2023, the park is set to be open daily from 10:00 AM until 6:00 PM.

Occasionally Ladies Day events see the park closed to all males of the age of 8. Always check the official Yas Waterworld Website for up-to-date information before your trip.

Find out more on here.

Is Yas Waterworld open all year?

Yas Waterworld closes briefly in the winter for maintenance. The closure usually runs from the beginning of January until mid-February. In 2023 the waterpark will reopen on the 11th of February 2023.

Opening hours are subject to change. During term time, the park is generally open from 12 noon until 6:00 PM from Monday to Thursday and from 10:00 AM until 8:00 PM on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Can I celebrate a special event at Yas Waterworld?

Yas Waterworld is a great place to celebrate special events, including children’s birthdays.

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For more information about party packages, click here.

What are the Rules at Yas Waterworld?

Here are the rules that you should be aware of when visiting Yas Waterworld:

  • Proper swimwear must be worn by all visitors.
  • Young children that are not fully toilet trained must wear a swim nappy/diaper.
  • No inflatables are allowed.
  • Photography is not encouraged and not permitted during ladies’ days. There are photographers employed by the park who can take photographs for you.
  • You are not allowed to bring in food from outside.
  • All bags are checked at the entrance to the waterpark.
  • Smoking is only permitted in certain areas at Yas Waterworld.

As is always the case in the UAE, you should behave respectfully and avoid swearing or any other offensive behaviour, as well as public displays of affection.

Is visiting Yas Waterworld safe?

A visit to any waterpark contains an element of risk, but at Yas Waterworld, great lengths are taken to mitigate this risk. Maintenance is taken seriously, and the park closes down for one month each year for a full maintenance check.

Lifeguards are stationed around the park so that there are no blind spots where an incident could occur unseen. There is also CCTV throughout the park for this reason. In addition to lifeguards, there is a trained paramedic on site.

The pools and all facilities are kept spotlessly clean. Young children are asked to leave the children’s area for 15 minutes twice a day to allow for the cleaning and recirculation of the water.

What Should I Take With Me on a Trip to Yas Waterworld?

Whilst you can buy or hire everything that you need at Yas Waterworld, we would recommend taking the following:

  • Swimwear
  • A towel
  • A loose T-shirt, cover-up or UV top
  • Water shoes
  • A sun hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Sun protection cream
  • A water bottle

We hope this guide to Yas Waterworld prepares you well for what to expect at the Middle East’s greatest water park (even if Atlantis in Dubai might be vying for the title; they may be slighter bigger, but we’d argue Yas Waterworld is better, with much less queuing!)

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