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This is a travel blog dedicated to helping first-time visitors to the UAE to learn more about the amazing city of Abu Dhabi and assist them to plan the perfect trip to this incredible Middle East destination.

We have lived in Abu Dhabi for nearly a decade and seen the tremendous growth of the city in this time; From burgeoning tourism industry to becoming one of the world’s most diverse holiday destinations in the sun – weaving together cultural heritage, modern adventures and serene relaxation.

You may also want to check out our partner publication Dubai Travel Planner. With the help of our Dubai-based team of writers, we have all your UAE travel needs and insider tips sorted to plan the perfect trip across the United Arab Emirates.

Please stay up to date with our LATEST TRAVEL ABU DHBAI NEWS HERE as well as specific guidance as issued by the Abu Dhabi Government concerning overseas visitors during COVID-19.

Tourism if currently welcome in Abu Dhabi in 2021 but many countries are still required to complete a self-quarantine period first unless you are from a “Green List” destination.

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