The traditional Iftar spread of food offered by Olea, one of the best Iftar buffets in Abu Dhabi at St Regis Saadiyat Island.

Iftar in Abu Dhabi – Best of 2022 Ramadan Dining in the Capital

by Abu Dhabi Travel Planner

The blessed month of Ramadan is here once again with all its piousness and zeal. And while Muslims around the globe dedicate this month to praying and performing other good deeds, there’s one part about it that also excites everyone: Iftar!

Sure, iftar all over the world has its own charm, but nothing can beat Iftar in Abu Dhabi. The combination of Abu Dhabi’s grandiose and lavish iftar places is an experience to remember for a lifetime!

But if you are confused as to….

What is Iftar?

After fasting all day from sunrise till sunset, Muslims break their fast with dates and water, known as iftar. But, many people include other dishes in the iftar menu for a fulfilling meal. This includes fruits, sweet drinks, soups, salads, a variety of meats, and anything else that you and your family enjoy eating.

However, you cannot make everything at home, right?

Sometimes, you crave a menu different from the usual one. Something that has a variety of different cuisines for you to devour.

And this is where iftar places come to the rescue!

So, if you’re in Abu Dhabi, you are in for a treat, as below we have put together 10 places for a special dine-out iftar in Abu Dhabi.

(And remember, you don’t need to be Muslim to join in with the nightly celebration – it would be polite etiquette though to let your fasting friends go first).

Ramadan in the UAE started on 2 April 2022 and will last for 29/30 days, likely ending on 1 May 2022. Iftar will be available at the places mentioned below daily throughout the Holy Month.

When is Iftar time in Abu Dhabi?

Iftar timing in Abu Dhabi during 2022 will fall between 6:40 PM and 7:00 PM, gradually getting later over the month of April. You can see the exact timings for today here:

Oh, and if you prefer to break your fast in simple style and save your full meal until later, you’ll find Abu Dhabi has some amazing Suhoor spreads too, ideal for getting your fill before sunrise.

10 Best Iftars in Abu Dhabi for 2022

There are dozens of top-quality spreads put on at hotels across the city of Abu Dhabi. Most COVID-19 dining restrictions have now been now lifted, so we are looking forward to the return of large – but socially distanced – gatherings with loved ones.

If you are new to the Iftar scene in Abu Dhabi, here’s a selection to try at different exciting venues across the city.

1. Garage

Let’s start with a place that offers a bit of everything!

At Garage, you will find appetizers that include zaatar manoush and chicken shawarma tarts. The main course has a variety of kebabs, snapper, ouzi, biryani, hummus, and several salads. Now, if you’re looking for something a bit Chinese, you will also find prawn spring rolls and wok-fried noodles at a live cooking station.

But that’s not all! Garage also offers spicy salmon uramaki and haramchi ceviche, after which you can wrap up your iftar with sweet Newyork style kunafa cheesecake.

The stunning Ramdan decor only adds to the ambience, along with the choice of indoor dining or outdoors overlooking the Yas Marina Circuit Grand Prix Track.

Flatlay spread of Iftar foods served at Garage, W Hotel Yas Island

Location: W Abu Dhabi – Yas Island

Experience the Wahat al Karama Memorial in Abu Dhabi

Cost: 198 AED

Timing: From iftar till 9:00 PM

You can get more information about Garage and book on their official website.

2. 99 Sushi Bar and Restaurant

Now, if you’re looking for a place for all things Japanese, head over to the Sushi Bar and Restaurant.

Here you will find a lavish 10-dish iftar menu that includes chutoro, kobe edamame with truffle, capumiso soup, Japanese tacos, tuna pizza, matsuri rolls, 99 Black Cod, and wagyu, salmon and quail egg nigiri.

We know some of these dishes are hard to pronounce, but they taste truly amazing!

Location: The Galleria – Al Maryah Island

Cost: 225 AED

Timing: From iftar till 9:00 PM

For further information and to book, visit 99 Sushi Bar and Restaurant’s official website.

3. Hakkasan

How about Cantonese cuisine all the way from Southern China, in one of Abu Dhabi’s most opulent settings?

At Hakkasan, you will get a chance to taste some of the most delectable dishes including Wagyu beef truffle puff, Chilean sea bass dumpling, lettuce wrapped roast duck, crispy beef, tiger prawns with pineapples on the side, and wok-fried sesame walnut chicken. And for dessert, you can have Umm Ali with creamy date ice cream.

How fulfilling is that?

Location: Emirates Palace

Cost: 288 AED

Timing: From iftar till 8:00 PM

For bookings and reservations, visit Hakkasan’s website.

4. India Palace

How can we forget savoury Indian food when talking about different cuisines?

The India Palace, as the name suggests, hosts a royal Indian iftar dinner buffet, with a variety of palatable dishes. For starters, there are 10 different kinds of salads, and 5 appetizers including daal-chawal balls and samosas. The main course dishes include shish kebabs, biryani, chicken kurkure, and dosas.

You can end your iftar with a fruit salad and a sweet beverage of your choice.

Location: Mushrif Mall, Level 3

Cost: 80 AED

Timing: From iftar till 10:00 PM

For further information, visit India Palace’s official website.

5. Vendome

If you’re looking for an iftar buffet with a lit ambience, you should check out Vendome!

Not only does it have an exquisite iftar buffet, but it also has a magnificent view of the Arabian Gulf, and live qanun music to keep you entertained while dining.

The buffet itself has a variety of local dishes as well as select continental cuisines. From an impressive range of salads, soups, cheeses, meat, seafood, and several other hot and cold mezze. Plus, the Middle Eastern dessert variety is to die for!

Location: Emirates Palace

Cost: 175 AED

Timing: From iftar till 8:30 PM

More details regarding reservations can be found on Vendome’s website.

6. Cafe Milano

Let’s move on to everyone’s favourite cuisine! Italian!

If you want to try something from the bounties of nature, visit Cafe Milano for iftar. While it mainly has Italian cuisine, you can also find some amazing Mediterranean dishes for a mix-and-match affair.

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The main attractions at Cafe Milano are the quinoa salad with roasted vegetables on the side, eggplant parmigiana, semolina-fried calamari, toasted pinenuts, roasted octopus, and a variety of grilled meat and fish.

From Mediterranean cuisine, you can try the Mediterranean Sea Bass filet, lemon capers sauce, asparagus, and broccolini. And, for dessert, there’s a variety of Italian desserts plus a fruit platter for a truly Mediterranean feel.

Location: Four Seasons Hotel – Al Maryah Island

Cost: 310 AED

Timing: From iftar till 9:00 PM

To view the entire menu and reserve your table online visit Cafe Milano’s website.

7. Coya

Coya, a Latin American restaurant offers an immersive experience to the guests with its set Ramadan menu for iftar, tribal beats, and intricate wall art.

The menu offers sukkari dates and edamame to break your fast, after which you can choose from Tomato or Pumpkin soup. The appetizers include cucumber and apple salad, salmon maki roll, crispy yuca, tiger prawns, and wagyu beef baos.

The main course includes a choice of Chilean sea bass rice, slow-cooked beef ribs, grilled salmon, quinoa, and pumpkin iron pot. And, end your amazing meal with date cream puffs.

Location: Al Maryah Island

Cost: 219 AED

Timing: From iftar till 7:30 PM

To check out other menu options, visit Coya’s official website.

8. Olea

The best iftar is an iftar with a view!

And Olea comes with the whole package! An exclusive Mediterranean-influenced iftar buffet, combined with a panoramic view of the ocean. It’s truly a sight to behold while you devour scrumptious food.

The iftar buffet at Olea comprises a variety of salads including fattoush and fried cauliflower with Tahini. The appetizers include tempting shish tawouk, kibbeh, falafel, fried halloumi, and Italian antipasti platters.

Iftar spread at Olea restaurant, The St Regis Saadiyat Island in Abu Dhabi

The main course includes Middle Eastern dishes like rib-eye beef and rosemary chicken, roasted potatoes, ricotta spinach, chicken mussakhan, freshly baked saj bread, and lamb ouzi.

It also has a live cooking station where you can taste savory shawarmas, fish kebabs, and roasted lamb. If that’s not all, you can also delve into Arabian sweet delicacies, french pastries, charcoal baked baklava, kunafa, and of course ice cream.

That’s what an elaborate buffet looks like!

Location: St Regis Saadiyat Island Resort

Cost: 250 AED

Timing: From iftar till 11:00 PM

To reserve a table or view other Ramadan deals, visit Oleo’s website.

9. La Carnita

With Ramadan iftar buffets of all sorts of different cuisines, we certainly couldn’t miss the spicy Mexican iftar!

La Carnita has a vibrant environment that goes well with the savoury and spicy food it has to offer. It has a 3-course iftar menu that includes starters like tortilla chips with guacamole dip, corn ancho barbeque soup, avocado hummus, and Cali salad.

The main course includes a choice of chicken or beef fajitas, or seabass and tacos. And lastly, the dessert selection includes tres leches, and churros with Mexican caramel sauce.

You can down this whole Mexican affair with the 3 varieties of mocktails including Movimto, Jallaberry,  and Amardin.

How’s that for a hot and flaming menu?

Exploring the Founder's Memorial Abu Dhabi

Location: Yas Bay Waterfront

Cost: 149 AED

Timing: From iftar till 9 pm

For reservations and information about events and other locations, visit La Carnita’s website.

Coming from Al Raha Beach? Don’t miss the new water shuttle service to Yas Bay Waterfront, dropping you meters from the door of la Carnita!

10. Al Mabeet Desert Camp

Before wrapping up, let’s take you to a place with true Arabic vibes!

The Al Mabeet Desert Camp located in the heart of the desert dunes is the perfect place for a luxury iftar. The place is located almost 40-minutes from Abu Dhabi, but gives you an authentic Arabian night feels!

It hosts an iftar buffet with a variety of Middle Eastern, Indian, and Asian cuisine. It has soups, salads, baked manakeh, shawarma, and several grilled meat and fish options. Then there’s the shrimp in harra sauce and chicken molokhia.

When it comes to desserts, once again, there’s an array of different sweet treats including kunafa, Umm Ali, koulaj, ashta, red velvet cake, brownies, and several French pastries.

So, if you’re up for a beautiful Bedouin experience, Al Mabeet is the place to go!

Location: Al Wathba Desert Resort

Cost: 195 AED

Timing: From iftar till 8:30 PM

For information about other things to do at Al Mabeet Desert Camp, check out the website.

You’ll find many places with amazing iftar deals, but if you’re looking for the best iftar in Abu Dhabi, our detailed guide will surely come in handy.

If you’re looking for an iftar option that is pocket-friendly yet offers amazing food options, we’d suggest going to India Palace. However, if budget is not an issue, you can enjoy a lavish iftar at Cafe Milano. And, if you’re looking for something in the middle, iftar at Vendome would be a great idea.

You can choose any other restaurant for the best buffet in Abu Dhabi from our list based on your budget and personal preference, as there’s plenty to choose from!

So, enjoy the blessed month of Ramadan with a different iftar cuisine each day!

Before you go… Important things to consider planning a trip to Abu Dhabi

Take me back to the best in Abu Dhabi Dining

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Feature image supplied by Olea, The St Regis Saadiyat Island

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