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12 Unmissable Cultural Places to Visit in Abu Dhabi in 2024

by Abu Dhabi Travel Planner Team

Uncover the cultural side of Abu Dhabi by visiting these incredible Abu Dhabi attractions

There has been a significant shift in Abu Dhabi tourism in recent years to focus on the city’s cultural attractions. 

Whilst we love the entertainment offering in Abu Dhabi, from the Yas Island theme parks to the beautiful beaches and parks, these cultural attractions should be a must on every visitor’s itinerary for Abu Dhabi.

We have included eight absolute must-stop points in Abu Dhabi city for the culturally intrigued, as well as a further four attractions you can add on a day trip to the Emirate’s second largest city Al Ain.

We’ve topped our listing off with some seasonal cultural events you should also look to add to your plans.

How to get there – navigating around Abu Dhabi

Most of these attractions can be easily accessed by staying in central Abu Dhabi, by taxi, or as stops accessible on the Abu Dhabi Big Bus Hop-on-hop-off service.

You can see our complete guide on how to get around Abu Dhabi as a tourist here.

Top Tip: If you are visiting Abu Dhabi from Dubai, it is highly recommended you arrange a private tour to capture all the highlights and work to your own timetable rather than being stuck in a big coach group.

Since we first wrote this post, there’s also been a new Visit Abu Dhabi shuttle bus added that can transport you between top attractions for FREE (conditions apply).

Note that it would be impossible to fit all of these attractions into a 1 Day Abu Dhabi itinerary – we’d suggest picking out three from the list you want to see most; Al Ain really needs a full extra day in your travel plans.

1. The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

The unmissable first attraction on most Abu Dhabi visitors lists, and with good reason.  The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is not just a stunning landmark but an active house of worship, open to all religions to admire and reflect.

There is a minimum dress standard expected, but this only adds to the experience. It is free to enter the Grand Mosque and free to join a guided tour. 

Few places in the world offer such an amazing experience, open to all.

2. The Louvre Abu Dhabi

Although not directly Emirati or Bedioun culture, The Louvre Museum Abu Dhabi is an unmissable part of the UAE’s modern culture, reflective of blending so many different cultures and traditions.

The Louvre Museum’s main galleries take you on a journey through humanity, from early civilisations and communications through to the modern era of art, seamlessly blending between East and West. 

The building itself is an architectural masterpiece, proudly standing as the cornerstone of the new Saadiyat Island cultural district. For a unique take on this architectural masterpiece, why not try a kayak tour?

Louvre Museum Abu Dhbai over water and pink sunset sky

3. Qasr al Watan – The Presidential Palace

Part of the new Presidential Palace complex, Qasr al Watan is one of the most beautiful examples of modern Islamic architecture.

Whilst you cannot visit the working parts of the Palace, visitors are invited to explore the public areas of Qasr Al Watan, enjoy daily guided tours, and explore the expansive gardens, the Great Hall, the library and an evening sound and light show at 7.30 PM.

Inside the Great Hall of Qasr Al Watan the UAE Presidential place in Abu Dhabi

4. The Founders Memorial

Launched during the Year of Zayed – the 100-year anniversary of the country’s founding father, HH Sheikh Zayed – the Founders Memorial is a stunning sculptural display set at the end of the Corniche on the corner of Emirates Palace before you cross to the marina. 

Open day and night but is most impressive to see at sunset when the 1327 dangling geometric shapes become illuminated by 2000 lights to form a 3D image of HH Sheikh Zayed.

Free tours can be arranged of around 30 minutes in Arabic and English.

5. Wahat Al Karama

Situated opposite the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, a Memorial and Pavillion of Honour were opened in 2016 to immortalise the sacrifices made by UAE nationals in active service for their country.

Wahat al Karama memorial in Abu Dhabi

Translated to English, the “Oasis of Dignity”  is made of 31 aluminium-clad tablets that lean on one another in support, and are inscribed with poems and quotations.  This is an incredibly sad yet important chapter in the UAE’s modern history, a country rarely involved in conflict.

You can easily combine a visit to the Grand Mosque with Wahat al Karama for some of the best distance Mosque views but crossing the busy freeway is a challenge. (You can now catch a courtesy bus every 30 minutes between SZGM and Wahat al Karama).

6. Qasr al Hosn

The oldest standing building in Abu Dhabi, built in the 1790s, the stone fort was originally constructed to overlook the coastal trade routes and protect the growing island settlement.

Qasr al Hosn historic site in the centre of Abu Dhabi city

Recently reopened after extensive renovation work, Qasr al Hosn is now the city’s centrepiece of culture and learning.

As well as a history museum, it is also home to the Cultural Foundation and the city’s new Abu Dhabi Children’s Library. There is a daily program of cultural events and special events held on the grounds throughout the year.

7. UAE Heritage Village

Based on Abu Dhabi’s Corniche breakwater with stunning views back to the ultra-modern Abu Dhabi skyline.

The Heritage Village is run by the Emirates Heritage Club, giving you a taster of traditional bedouin housing, an old-style souk, and artisans producing handicrafts, including pottery and weaving. On occasion, they also have falconry displays and craftsmen demonstrations.

It has been outshone, however, by the re-opening of Qasr al Hosn, which has many more interactive displays. Entry is completely free if you are seeking just a small introductory taster to Bedouin life in the city.

8. The Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital

This humble building on the city’s outskirts offers a fascinating insight into Emirati culture and the importance of falconry.

A 2-hour guided tour of the facilities in Sweihan will guide you through the historic importance of falconry to the Bedouin people through to the hospital itself where these majestic birds are cared for and you have the opportunity of up-close encounters.

It comes with a heftier price tag than some of the other attractions listed here, but in our own experience, it was worth every dirham. A really in-depth tour is provided with narrative, a chance to see the Falcons up close, and even see an operation take place. Pre-booking essential.

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Al Ain Cultural Attractions

The next four cultural attractions are based in Al Ain, the Oasis city that sits 160kms south of Abu Dhabi city centre.  It is also known as the cultural capital of the UAE, home to the country’s founding fathers and steeped in history.

9. Al Ain Palace Museum

The historic royal residence of the UAE’s founding father HH Sheikh Zayed. This beautifully restored homestead in Al Ain is a vast contrast to the modern-day Presidential Palace in Abu Dhabi city.

Al Ain Palace Museum

The palace was his primary family home until 1966 and has been restored and turned into a museum of the Al Nahyan family’s history. Delving into HH Sheikh Zayed’s personal and political life, it gives you a good taste of what life was like in the UAE before the discovery of oil. You can also have a go at trying to understand the Al Nahyan royal family tree!

10. Qasr al Muwaiji

Also situated in Al Ain, this much more modern museum complex sits on the grounds of the original birthplace of the country’s second president HH Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed al Nayhan.

Explore the historic buildings, listen to oral narratives and follow the significant achievements of HH Sheikh Khalifa’s life.

11. Al Ain Oasis

The 3000-acre oasis can be found in the centre of Al Ain.  Home to over 147,000 palm trees, the oasis was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2011, along with six other smaller oases across the city.

Almost compulsory for everyone who lives in the UAE to understand the way of life. Explore the 3000-year-old falaj irrigation system – a grid of waterways for channelling fresh clean water from off the mountains and into the oasis. You will also find the miniature oasis which is an interactive display breaking down the workings of the oasis.

12. The Sheikh Zayed Desert Learning Centre

Situated inside the Al Ain Zoo, this is definitely one of the country’s best learning resources for culture, heritage and natural history – and completely deserving of more attention, arguably where we’d recommend all visitors to the UAE start their learning journey!

Sheikh Zayed Desert Learning Centre inside the Al AIn Zoo

There are five interactive galleries spread over multiple levels that take you on a journey from the desert past, local geology and neolithic period life all the way through to the country’s present and future, along with sustainability education and initiatives.

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More Cultural Events in Abu Dhabi

As well as these permanent cultural landmarks, there are other seasonal events to consider working into your travel plans to Abu Dhabi.

A Camel Beauty Pageant – The Al Dhafra Festival

If you are living in the UAE, or are visiting during December, then attending the Al Dhafra festival in the Western Region of Abu Dhabi is a must.

Camels being judged at a camel beauty pageant in the Al Dhafra Region

Established in 2007, the festival was established to educate younger generations about their country’s indigenous heritage, traditions and culture. Events range from the ever-popular camel beauty contest through to date packing, camel milking, Saluki racing and falconry.

Information on the event’s program, in English at least, has been scant in the past but is improving.  It’s one of those events you should turn up to and absorb the atmosphere, situated in Madinat Zayed Park, approximately 2 hours from Abu Dhabi city.

Sheikh Zayed Heritage Festival

A great new addition to the UAE culture calendar, this annual event is held in a purpose-built centre for culture in Al Watha, just outside of Abu Dhabi city. It showcases local foods, dance and traditional events while taking visitors on a journey from ancient times to a prosperous society.

As the event has grown in popularity, it can now be enjoyed for several months over the cooler winter season. This year the festival is open nightly from 17 November 2022 to 9 March 2024. The entry fee is just 5 AED per person.

Emirati Cuisine

Last but not least, to truly experience Abu Dhabi and the Emirati culture, you need to try traditional Emirati cuisine. We suggest you seek out one of these great Emirati restaurants in Abu Dhabi.

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