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Hafilat – Everything You Need To Know About The Abu Dhabi Bus Card

by Abu Dhabi Travel Planner

We usually shy away from recommending Hafilat and public buses in Abu Dhabi to most tourists as it’s not always the most practical way of getting around the city, but we know many hardy travellers prefer to use public buses where possible.

This post is part of our series on transportation in Abu Dhabi; to learn more about all forms of public transport, taxies, tolls, hire cars and more make sure to head over to our Abu Dhabi Transport Guide

Abu Dhabi certainly does its best to make the journey comfortable. The bus fleet is modern and clean and has air conditioning, as do many of the bus stops around the city. The routes and the timetable can, however, be a little frustrating as they do not necessarily line up with where you want to be and when as a tourist.

Nonetheless, let’s delve into the detail of how you use the Abu Dhabi bus system and, most importantly, Hafilat, the smart payment method for Abu Dhabi Buses.

Abu Dhabi main bus station in Al Wadha

The Abu Dhabi Bus System

The bus network stretches across the city and covers most residential areas. There are many stops, and journey times can be quite long as a result.

Click here for complete details of the Abu Dhabi bus routes and up-to-date timetables.

What is Hafilat? Abu Dhabi Bus Card

Hafilat is a prepaid ‘smart’ transport card that can be used in Abu Dhabi Buses. You tap on and off when using a bus to be charged the correct fair. You must tap the card when you enter the bus, or you may face a fine if caught by the ticket inspector.

Hafilat is only for use in Abu Dhabi. It is not transferable to other emirates in the UAE. In Dubai, a similar card known as the Nol card can be used to pay for public transport.

close up view of a personalised Hafilat car in abu dhabi

Cost of Bus Fares in Abu Dhabi

  • A local trip inside the city is AED 2 per journey
  • Suburban trips are AED 2 then + AED 0.05 per km
  • Intercity Trips (Regional areas of Abu Dhabi Emirates – AED 10 + 0.1 per kilometre

You can also get weekly and monthly passes, as well as student, senior citizen and people of determination passes.

TypeCostWhat You Get
WeeklyAED 30Unlimited local for 7 days
MonthlyAED 80Unlimited local trip 30 days
StudentAED 500 One Year
Senior CitizenFreeOver 55 – valid 1 year
People of DeterminationFreeWith Ounak or POD card – Valid 1 year

Where Can I Buy a Hafilat Bus Card in Abu Dhabi?

There are ticket vending machines in many locations in Abu Dhabi emirate, though certainly not at every bus stop, therefore it makes it a little challenging for short-term visitors to the city.

The Central Al Wadha Bus Station is your best starting point. Machines are also located in:

  • Abu Dhabi International Airport
  • Bani Yas Bus Station
  • Mussafah Bus Station
  • Shahama Bus Station
  • Al Ain Bus Station
  • Al Sila Bus Station
  • Liwa Bus Station
  • Ghayathi Bus Station
  • Madinat Zayed Bus Station
  • Lulu Hypermarket Al Wadha, Al Ain and Al Dhafra.

Recharging Your Hafilat Card

When your balance runs low, you can recharge at:

  • Ticket Vending Machines
  • Hafilat Machines or online if you have a debit or credit card using this link.

You can buy an anonymous card for AED 10 that does not have any of your personal details attached, or for extra security, should your card be lost or stolen, you can get a personalised card from customer happiness centres in Abu Dhabi for AED 5. This ensures any credit on your card should it be lost.

Note if your card is not used for more than one year, the balance will expire. You can check directly with DARB what balance you have left by entering your card serial number here.

A Hafilat card machine in Abu Dhabi to buy your Abu Dhabi bus tickets

More FAQ on Hafilat and Abu Dhabi Bus Passes

Can I use Nol in Abu Dhabi?

Nol is the public transport card for Dubai. You can use it to catch the intercity bus from Dubai to Abu Dhabi, but you cannot use it on the Abu Dhabi public transport network.

Can you still pay cash for buses in Abu Dhabi?

No. Buses do not accept cash in Abu Dhabi.

Do buses stop at night?

Buses run 24 hours and day, seven days a week, but some services are not as frequent at night time.

Can I use Hafilat for the bus to Dubai?

Yes, regional and intercity buses, including Routes 100 and 101 Abu Dhabi to Dubai can be paid for using Hafilat.

Alternative Transport For Tourists

The alternatives to the public bus system in Abu Dhabi might be a lot more convenient for tourists but can add up to a lot more in terms of cost if you’re staying in the city for a while. You could also consider:

  • The Abu Dhabi Free Shuttle; this is available if you book attraction tickets through the tourism authorities’ official website Visit Abu Dhabi
  • The Hop On Hop Off Tourist Bus; this is substantially more expensive than local buses, but you get free commentary, and the bus stops once an hour at the key tourist locations. It does work out cheaper than taking a taxi if you use it wisely.
  • Taxies or Careem; this is by far the easiest way of getting from A to B in Abu Dhabi. Taxi’s cost 1.82 AED per km, plus a 12 AED flag fall fee.
  • Bikes For Hire in Abu Dhabi – you may see a number of green bikes dotted around the city; these can be hired if you download the online app. If you plan on doing this, however, make sure you bring a helmet!
  • Hiring A Car and Self-Drive – if you’re a family or in a small group, this could work out cost-effective. Much of the city works on a grid system, and the traffic isn’t nearly as manic as in Dubai; most confident drivers would be fine to tackle Abu Dhabi’s roads!
traffic on the main highway to and from Abu Dhabi and Dubai
Driving in Abu Dhabi can be a manageable way of getting between key attractions and beyond the city

Before you go… Important things to consider when planning a trip to Abu Dhabi

  • Don’t forget to pack your travel insurance!

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