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Ultimate Guide To Using eScooters in Abu Dhabi

by Abu Dhabi Travel Planner Team

Exploring a new city can be tricky and expensive. Hailing taxis and waiting for buses can prove frustrating, especially when you’re standing around in the extreme Arabian heat, but in the cooler months, there is another option.

You can get from A to B in Abu Dhabi, and enjoy the outdoors, whilst zooming around on an eco-friendly electric scooter!

Available at various locations, including Abu Dhabi Corniche, Yas Island, Reem Island, and Masdar City, the scooters are great for nipping short distances around town and help reduce congestion and pollution.

There has been some controversy over electric Scooter usage in Abu Dhabi, so here we outline everything you need to know about hiring and riding an e-scooter in Abu Dhabi.

This post is part of our series on transportation options in Abu Dhabi

I heard that eScooters were banned in Abu Dhabi; is this not true?

The only eScooters that are banned in Abu Dhabi are those with seats. This does not include mobility scooters, which can be hired from several private companies, including Strive Mobility. Driving any vehicle over 700 CC without a driving license is illegal.

Can anyone hire an eScooter in Abu Dhabi?

To rent an eScooter you must be at least 17 years old, 18 in some cases. A smartphone compatible with Apple or Android applications is also required.

You DO NOT need to have a driving license to hire an eScooter but you do need to have some form of ID. You also need to have common sense and follow the rules set out below.

A credit or debit card is also required to pay for your ride. Some scooter providers also accept Apple Pay or PayPal.

man using a scooter on the Abu Dhabi Corniche

What are the rules for riding an eScooter in Abu Dhabi?

These are the rules of which you should be aware. If you are caught breaking any of these rules, you may face a fine:

  • Only use the eScooter in designated areas, internal roads with speed limits of less than 40 kilometres per hour, or on cycle paths.
  • Do not ride eScooters on public roads and highways, and avoid pedestrian pavements.
  • On crowded paths, reduce your speed and look out for other road users.
  • Always ride in the direction of traffic.
  • Do not hold onto another vehicle whilst riding.
  • Do not carry a pillion rider.
  • Avoid carrying heavy weights that can interfere with your balance.
  • Avoid distractions, like using your phone, whilst riding.
  • When parking, use designated stands only. Do not secure eScooters to lamp or signposts.
  • You must wear a helmet when riding an eScooter. High visibility clothing is also mandatory at night time.

How do I hire an eScooter in Abu Dhabi?

Look out for the providers around town and download their apps; these include Fenix, TIER, Lime, Bird and Scoot. Find a scooter near you using the app, scan the QR code, and you’re all set!

Links to the Apps can be found here:

Rentals cost from 1 AED per minute plus 3 AED to unlock the scooter, although various pre-paid packages are also available.

Hiring a scooter in Abu Dhabi can work out more expensive than hailing a taxi, but it is a fun and more eco-friendly way to travel. Remember that only one person can travel on an eScooter at any one time. Children can not ride on eScooters alone or with an adult.

How do I operate an eScooter?

Most apps provide a demo for new users. It’s essential to take heed of these to prevent yourself from having an accident.

When you have finished with your eScooter, be sure to leave it in a designated space and do not secure it on any public property like lamps or signposts.

Bird escooters parked in the raha beach area of abu dhabi

Do I need to wear a helmet on an eScooter?

Wearing a helmet on an eScooter is now mandatory in Abu Dhabi. If you are caught not wearing a helmet, you may face a fine of 200 AED.

If you don’t pack one in your luggage but plan to ride an eScooters in Abu Dhabi, helmets can be purchased at most major supermarkets and in sports shops throughout the city. Some scooters, such as those from Tier, contain a helmet box and foldable helmets for your convenience.

Reflective clothing is also required after dark.

What should I do if I have an accident on an eScooter?

We recommend that you drive carefully to avoid having accidents. Medical care is expensive in the UAE and some insurance policies may not cover you if you have an accident whilst riding a scooter.

If you collide with a vehicle and cause any damage, you should expect the police to be called, as any damage to any vehicle has to be reported to make an insurance claim. Likewise, if you collide with a pedestrian, you can expect the police to be informed.

Can I go anywhere on an eScooter?

Whilst scooting around the city is very convenient, there are a number of no go zones for eScooters. These are clearly identified on the Apps.

If you enter any of these no-go zones, your eScooter will slow down (and eventually stop), indicating that you should leave the area.

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