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Explore the Hudayriyat Heritage Trail in Abu Dhabi

by Abu Dhabi Travel Planner Team

A small and interesting new addition to leisure zone Al Hudayriyat Island is the Hudayriyat Heritage Trail.

A nod to the island’s archaeological heritage, this easy coastal trail is the perfect addition to your beach and leisure activities on Hudayriyat.

Let’s take a look at what to expect and how to plan your day.

What to expect on the Hudayriyat Heritage Trail

This is an easy – and free – coastal trail for walkers of all ages. Easy grade surface throughout also makes it suitable for strollers and wheelchairs. The trail starts as boardwalk then becomes loose shale.

While deliberately simple in design, it’s underlying importance should not be overlooked.

In the development of Al Hudayriyat Island, the area was set aside as a protected reserve because of important archaeological remains discovered on the island, including:

  • Shell middens providing direct evidence of the activities of pearl fishermen who previously lived there.
  • The remains of dugongs and sharks demonstrate the importance of marine resources for the former al Hudayriyat community.

Explore several nodes as you enjoy the coastal breeze. Learn more about the marine life that lives off the Abu Dhabi coast and how the pearl diving Bedouin community survived here with limited resources.

The whole journey will take you less than an hour, brisk walkers will be done in under 30 minutes but it’s worth taking your time, reading the information boards and absorbing what it must have been like for the islands original inhabitants.

The Heritage Trail is a small but pleasant and educational addition to this up and coming area of the city worthy of adding on to a beach or glamping trip to Hudayriyat Island.

Hudayriyat Leisure Trail Map
Map of the complete leisure trail courtesy Hudayriyat Heritage Trail

Hudayriyat Heritage Trail – How to get there

Al Hudayriyat Island sets to the west of Abu Dhabi Island. It is connected by a suspension bridge in the Al Bateen area, at the end of 19th street.

After crossing the bridge, take the first right at the roundabout and follow signage to Marsana.

It’s easiest to park at Marsana (adjacent to the Circuit X Skate Park) and start your journey from the East Gate, though note you can also start the walk from Bab al Najoum glamping site and small car park, near the Adventure Village section of Al Hudayriyat (West Gate)

Stick around after you’ve completed the heritage walk to enjoy the relaxed beachside areas of the island known as Marsana. There are restaurants, food trucks, change rooms and beach facilities here to enjoy, as well as (paid) playground and splash park for children.

When to undertake the Al Hudayriyat Heritage Trail

The trail is open from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM daily. It is gently lit in ambient light and safe to walk at night.

You are quite exposed on the coast line, so it’s not recommended to undertake the trail in the heat of the day or when there are adverse weather conditions such as sand storms.

The Heritage Trail in Abu Dhabi is best tackled in the evening or the cooler months of winter.

If you’d like to know more about the Heritage Trail, contact you’ll also find an educational brochure from the master developers of the island Modon, here, much of the information you’ll find on the trail is replicated in the brochure.

Looking for more pleasant places for a walk in Abu Dhabi?

If you are looking for more interesting places to stretch your legs around Abu Dhabi, you could also try:

  • The Corniche – oldie but a goldie, the Corniche is still the most popular walking spot in Abu Dhabi along the main city beachfront at the end of Abu Dhabi island. It can be busy though with bikes, scooters and other people! FREE
  • Al Gurm Corniche – flanking the eastern side of the main Abu Dhabi island, this footpath area takes you from Eastern Mangroves to the small Dolphin Park at the end of 19th street. They’ve added some great educational resources along the walk and some rest nodes – but you are immediately adjacent the the city’s main freeway (kinda spoils the ambience of overlooking the Mangrove National Park). FREE
  • Jubail Mangrove Walk – far more serene and a few more interesting things to see, especially if you come at the changing tides this is our favourite recommended spot in the city for a nature walk. PAID ENTRY

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