Abu Dhabi Weather & Events in September

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Everything you need to know about visiting Abu Dhabi in September

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Abu Dhabi weather in September

Abu Dhabi’s average day time maximum temperature in September is 37.4c (99.3F), with highs as much as 45c (113F) and average lows overnight down to 31c (87.8F).

In September, you should expect sea temperatures on average of 33.5c (92.3F). Maximum sea temperatures are expected of 34.6c (93.4F) through to a minimum 32.5c (91.3F).

Make no mistake, no matter what time of year you visit Abu Dhabi you will still want a hat, sunscreen, and sunglasses – you can find our full packing list tips for Abu Dhabi here.

Weather information sourced from the National Centre of Meteorology Climate Report 2003-2019 for Abu Dhabi Corniche and seatemperature.org

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