Abu Dhabi Weather & Events in October 2020

by Abu Dhabi Travel Planner

Everything you need to know about visiting Abu Dhabi in October

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Depending on what time of the month you are looking at, October can be a great time to visit Abu Dhabi. The peak summer temperatures noticeably drop of by mid-month and by the end of October there are great signs that the cooler days of winter might be on their way.

It is a great time of year for beach weather if you like your heat, although we’d still recommend you stay indoors during the peak times of the day.

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October 2020 will be a little different though as things still adjust to a post-COVID world. Whilst tourism has again returned to Abu Dhabi (Abu Dhabi recommenced issuing tourist visas from 25 September), visitors to the Emirate will still need to complete 14-days of quarantine. This will no doubt continue to severely affect international tourism.

Abu Dhabi visitors who are normally resident in Dubai or any of the other Emirates will need a negative COVID test in order to cross the land border into Abu Dhabi. Should they stay in Abu Dhabi Emirate for more than 6 days, a further test will be required (per current regulations).

Abu Dhabi weather in October

Abu Dhabi’s average day time maximum temperature in October is 33.9 (93F), with highs as much as 41.6c (106.9F) and average lows overnight down to 28c (82.4F).

In October you should expect sea temperatures on average of 31.6c (88.9F). Maximum sea temperatures are expected of 33c (90.3F) through to a minimum 30.2c (87.5F).

Make no mistake, no matter what time of year you visit Abu Dhabi you will still want a hat, sunscreen, and sunglasses – you can find our full packing list tips for Abu Dhabi here.

Weather information sourced from the National Centre of Meteorology Climate Report 2003-2019 for Abu Dhabi Corniche and seatemperature.org

Abu Dhabi special events in October

Normally the time of year that much festivity and activity returns to the city taking advantage of cooler days, it will be a much quieter affair in October 2020. Most cultural attractions are in the process of reopening – updates below on each that we’re aware of:

Events per se are currently not permitted. Gatherings in restaurants are limited to tables of 4. Face masks should be warn in crowds, as well as in malls, supermarkets and when not eating in restaurants and social distancing maintained.

Suggested Abu Dhabi activities in October

Given the limits and restrictions at present, we suggest some low key outdoor activities where social distancing can be observed is your best option. Some places you could try include:

  • Take a kayak or eco-donut boat out on to the Eastern Mangrove
  • Enjoy the spectacular Louvre, followed by a tour around the grounds of Qasr al Hosn
  • Enjoy one of Abu Dhabi’s exclusive and luxurious Beach Clubs – our selection of the best here.

Do note, in order to maintain capapcity limits, pre-booking is essential pretty much everywhere.

Day trips from Abu Dhabi in October

Given the difficulty with crossing over the border to Dubai (or more so coming back – there’s nothing stopping visitors enterting Dubai Emirate), we’d recommend you keep day tripping within Abu Dhabi Emirate.

  • Desert day trip operators now have permission to re-open in a controlled manner. Why not try these premium Abu Dhabi operators (you’ll see date avaiability when you click on each)

Abu Dhabi with kids in October

With the cooler weather in its way, it’s a fabulous time of year to seek out more outdoor opportunities, albeit these will still be limited due to social distancing measures.

In October in Abu Dhabi, why not try:

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