How hot is Abu Dhabi in August? Weather & Events in August 2020

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Everything you need to know about visiting Abu Dhabi in August

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Abu Dhabi enjoys extremely hot and often humid weather throughout August. It can be unbearable for many but is also low season so you can bag yourself a bargain on accommodation and soak up the rays in relative peace if you don’t mind the heat.

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Abu Dhabi weather in August

Abu Dhabi’s average day time maximum temperature in August is 40.2c (140.4F), with highs as much as a sweltering 48c (118.4F) and average lows overnight down to 32.8c (91F).

By mid-August, you really start to feel the humidity too, which sticks around until October. The “feels like” temperature which includes wind chill factor can be significantly higher in August. It is not advisable to be out in the direct sunlight during the peak of the day.

Although most days bring clear blue skies, sandstorms and a dusty haze are not uncommon in Abu Dhabi in August.

In August, you should expect sea temperatures on average of 33.8c (92.8F). Maximum sea temperatures are expected of 35c (94F) through to a minimum 32.6c (91.6F). It really feels like dipping into a spa in August, many prefer a hotel with a nice chilled pool at this time of year to negate the steamy ocean temperatures – not to mention how hot the sand gets! August is not a highly recommended beach month!

Make no mistake, no matter what time of year you visit Abu Dhabi you will want a hat, sunscreen, and sunglasses – you can find our full packing list tips for Abu Dhabi here.

Weather information sourced from the National Centre of Meteorology Climate Report 2003-2019 for Abu Dhabi Corniche and

Abu Dhabi special events in August 2020

During August there are relatively few major events, but plenty of enticing hospitality specials to still encourage you to get out and about.

This year has been quite the exception due to COVID-19. Many expats who would normally exit the country during the hottest months have stuck around this year, therefore bars, beach clubs and restaurants at limited capacity have been putting on many special offers from day passes to Brunch specials.

Major Abu Dhabi events in August

  • Eid Al Adha – the religious occasion of Eid al Adha is expected to fall from 31 July 2020 to 2 August 2020. Normally a time for large family gatherings and feasts, along with large shopping events, it’s expected to be a quieter affair this year with social distancing being observed.
  • Islamic New Year 23 August – sometimes declared a public holiday, but generally goes fairly unobserved for tourists.
  • Schools return30 August – proposed return date for public and private schools. It is generally quieter for tourists once the schools return but this year it will likely make little difference to crowd numbers.
Qasr al Watan reopens doors to the public

Suggested Abu Dhabi activities in August

Given the intense heat of August, beyond a resort pool you are best sticking to indoor activities in August, or enjoying the coolest weather of the day early morning and evenings.

Finding a chilled pool is your best bet your August in Abu Dhabi – Nation Riviera Beach Club

If you’re keen to pick up some rays, we recommend you choose a beach club that also offers the relief of a chilled swimming pool and bar nearby. Some favourites include:

  • Nation Riviera Beach Club at The St Regis
  • Bayshore Beach Club at the InterContinental
  • Saadiyat Beach Club (Pool is still temporarily closed)

You can read about all our favourite Abu Dhabi beach clubs here.

In terms of indoor attractions, the following places have re-opened their doors with 30% capacity:

For those who prefer something outdoors and active still, why not try a boating experience, operating from many different parts of the city:

Day trips from Abu Dhabi in August

It is not the best time of year to day trip beyond Abu Dhabi in the heat of summer, however some nearby experiences you could try include:

Heading down the road to Dubai? You can check out more of what’s happening in Dubai in August here.

Abu Dhabi with kids in August

Keeping the kids entertained in the heat can be tough. Why not try one of the indoor theme parks on Yas Island? We recommend for your tweens and thrill-seekers you try CLYMB Abu Dhabi, an indoor rocking centre and indoor skydiving experience attached to Yas Mall.

You can also try the great theme park trio of:

Family Zone at Ferrari World
Abu Dhabi’s indoor theme parks are a great way to beat the August heat

For convenience, we recommend staying at one of nearby the Yas Hotels, where you’ll also get access to the Yas Beach.

Check out the best things to do in Abu Dhabi every month here

Before you go… Important things to consider planning a trip to Abu Dhabi

Ferrari World, Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi & CLYMB reopen

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